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Microsoft 70-680 Study Guide

This free study guide is for Microsoft's 70-680 exam, Windows 7, Configuring. This guide is intended to be supplemental to your books and other study materials. If you find any corrections or would like to suggest additions, please contact us.

Foreward (you should read this first)

Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7 (14 percent)
Perform a Clean Installation
Upgrade to Windows 7 From Previous Versions of Windows
Migrate User Profiles

Deploying Windows 7 (13 percent)
Capture, Prepare, and Deploy a System Image
Configure a VHD

Configuring Hardware and Applications (14 percent)
Configure Devices
Configure Application Compatibility
Configure Application Restrictions
Configure Internet Explorer

Configuring Network Connectivity (14 percent)
Configure IPv4 and IPv6 Network Settings
Configure Network Settings
Configure Windows Firewall
Configure Remote Management

Configuring Access to Resources (13 percent)
Configure Shared Resources
Configure File and Folder Access
Configure User Account Control (UAC)
Configure Authentication and Authorization
Configure BranchCache

Configuring Mobile Computing (10 percent)
Configure BitLocker and BitLocker To Go
Configure DirectAccess
Configure Mobility Options
Configure Remote Connections

Monitoring and Maintaining Systems that Run Windows 7 (11 percent)
Configure Updates to Windows 7
Manage Disks
Monitor Systems
Configure Performance Settings

Configuring Backup and Recovery Options (11 percent)
Configure Backup
Configure System Recovery Options
Configure File Recovery Options