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Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Certifications

Below you will find links to information and resource pages covering the LPI certifications that we support.

LPI Certifications:
LPIC-1 Exam 101 :: Junior Level Administration Part 1
LPIC-1 Exam 102 :: Junior Level Administration Part 2

About LPI Certifications:
LPI is committed to the development of a global standard in Linux certification. We believe that such a certification program must meet the requirements of both IT professionals and the organizations that would employ them. To achieve this goal we have adopted an open, rigorous, and consultative development process which uses both volunteer and hired resources. Our development process is widely recognized and endorsed and has met the strict requirements of independent certification authorities.

The LPI Certification Program is:
  • Designed by a community of Linux professionals, volunteers, vendors and educators
  • Challenging: if you don't know the subjects you won't pass
  • Accessible and available at thousands of test centres around the world or at special events
  • Of high quality: relying on critical input from numerous Linux experts and employing scientific and industry-recognized psychometric processes
  • Distribution-neutral: verifying knowledge on any standard Linux system
  • Relevant: surveying thousands to determine the skills that need to be tested
  • Training-vendor independent: encouraging a variety of methods and approaches to test preparation
  • Supported and sponsored by a large number of Linux companies and projects
  • A certification the Linux community can respect and be proud of