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IBM Certified Solution Developer - XML 1.1 and Related Technologies

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About This Exam:
Test 141 is the only exam required in order to achieve this certification. This certification is part of the IBM Certified for e-business - Solution Technologist and covers the following objectives:

Section 1 - Architecture (19%)
  • Determine the implications of a given architecture on XML design considerations
  • Select appropriate XML technologies for an architecture (XML Schema 1.0, XSLT 1.0, DOM2, SAX2, XPath 1.0, XQuery, Namespaces, DTDs)
  • Design functional components and interconnections for an XML application architecture
  • Assess performance trade-offs related to parsing, validation and transformation
  • Address XML security using XML encryption and XML signature
  • Implement Java classes through XML binding via Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB)
Section 2 - Information Modeling (22%)
  • Analyze data, documents, and problem domains
  • Represent structure in XML syntax (model data)
  • Use Namespaces appropriately
  • Define DTDs (declarations, reuse, external references)
  • Define schemas using XML Schema (declaration, structure [elements vs attributes, best practices], data types
  • data relationships, reuse, external references)
  • Determine when to use DTD versus XML Schema (legacy systems, scoping, run-time modification, constraints)
Section 3 - XML Processing (22%)
  • Analyze data integration points
  • Use the SAX2 API to manipulate XML data
  • Use the DOM2 API to manipulate XML data
  • Address validation/conformance and exception handling issues related to XML Schema (e.g. data typing and pattern matching)
  • Perform validation of XML documents
  • Access data using XQuery
Section 4 - Transformations (29%)
  • Define optimal rendering/transformation approach for each target (e.g. screens, print, pervasive)
  • Transform XML using XSLT (e.g. CDATA block, recursive name template calls, named vs matched templates, dynamic attributes)
  • Re-target XML for multiple formats
  • Use CSS to render XML or XHTML
  • Consider data rendering issues after designing data models
  • Traverse an XML document using XPath
  • Implement input screens using XForms
  • Demonstrate the use of include, import, id, idref, and keys
Section 5 - Testing & Tuning (8%)
  • Determine appropriateness of single versus multiple pass transformations, XSL extensions, XSLTC, XSL and $Schema inclusions
  • Optimize XML application execution (e.g. includes, import, id, idref, keys)
  • Create instances for testing XML applications (e.g. based on data model, boundary cases)
  • Refine design as necessary based on data model, data integration, data rendering, and data query issues
Price: $150
Format: Standard
Passing Score: 61%
Questions: 49
Time Limit: 75 Minutes
Launch Date: Unknown

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


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