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CompTIA A+ Study Guide (220-701 and 220-702)

This study guide was for the 2006 exam objectives, however, we have been slowly updating it and it is very relevant for the current objectives (2009). Because their is so much overlap between A+ Essentials (220-701) and Practical Application (220-702), we have combined them into one study guide as we found it too difficult to separate them. You will find that many of the professional book publishers have done the same thing.

Domain 1.0 :: Personal Computer Components
Cables and Connectors
Power Supplies
Input Devices
Preventative Maintenance

Domain 2.0 :: Laptop and Portable Devices
Laptop Hardware
Other Portable Devices
Troubleshooting Portable Devices

Domain 3.0 :: Operating Systems
Read Me
Operating System Basics
File Systems
Windows XP

Domain 4.0 :: Printers and Scanners
Printer Overview
Installing and Configuring Printers

Domain 5.0 :: Networks
Network Types
Network Connections and Cabling
Network Protocols
Installing and Configuring Networks
Troubleshooting Networks

Domain 6.0 :: Security
Security Threats
Physical Security
Operating System Security
Network Security

Domain 7.0 :: Safety and Environmental Issues
Safety and Environmental Issues

Domain 8.0 :: Communication and Professionalism
Communication and Professionalism