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A+ Study Guide: Domain 3.0: Operating Systems - Read Me First

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The purpose of this document is to explain some things about Operating Systems section of our study guide. Please read the following notes before you procede to the next section.

The A+ exams require that you understand how to perform basic functions in Windows and other operating systems. This is not something that we can teach you in a study guide - it is something that requires that you have worked with the product. If you do not have experience navigating and working with Windows operating systems, you probably aren't ready to get certified at this time.

There is more information about Windows integrated into other domains of our study guide.

Finally, please note that the last 2 guides in this section "Windows 2000" and "Windows XP" are actually for other certifications, but contain a lot of the information you will need. They will also contain a lot of information you don't need for the A+ exams, so make sure you use the exam objectives to sort through the information. These 2 links will open in a new window because they do not have the "Return to the Index" link that will bring you back to the main menu.

Eventually, we may sort the information into tutorials specifically aimed at the A+ objectives, but for now, this is what we are providing as reference material.