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70-270: Windows XP Professional Study Guide

This free study guide is for the MCSE/MCSA 70-270 Exam was contributed by Jason Zandri. You can navigate through the pages using the menu links on each page. You can also return to the index here and select a particular section from the menu below.

Attended Installation
Upgrading To Windows XP Professional
Additional Installation Methods
RIS Installations
Troubleshooting Setup
Disk Management
Using the Disk Management Tool
File Systems Overview
Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
Managing Users Accounts
Managing Groups
TCP/IP Protocol
Troubleshooting TCP/IP
Remote Assistance
NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol
Understanding DNS
Configuring Windows XP Professional as a DNS Client
Windows XP Professional in Active Directory Environments
Understanding Compression and Encrypted File Systems