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Microsoft Office Specialist: Access 2002

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About This Exam:
This Microsoft Office Specialist exam is performance-based, requiring you to perform a series of tasks using Microsoft Access version 2002. Many of the questions in this Microsoft Office Specialist exam require you to complete a series of tasks to create or modify a typical business document.

This exam uses the actual Microsoft Access version 2002 program. All menu items, keyboard shortcuts and right-click options will be available to complete the tasks. The help menu, including use of the Office Assistant, is not available in any of the exams.

There is one to three points are possible per question, depending on the number of specified tasks. At the conclusion of an exam your final score is derived by converting the task score to a 1000-point scale. While some questions involve more tasks than others, each question is scored on a total-score basis (i.e.; number correct) rather than on a pass/fail basis. For example, a 20-question exam may have 34 possible points; one point for each task.

Cost: $75
Format: Performance-based
Passing Score: Unknown
Questions: 17020
Tasks: 38-45
Time Limit: 45-50
Launch Date: 9/16/02

Certification: MOS

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


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Exam Objectives:

Creating and Using Databases
  • Create Access databases
  • Open database objects in multiple views
  • Move among records
  • Format datasheets

  • Creating and Modifying Tables
  • Create and modify tables
  • Add a predefined input mask to a field
  • Create Lookup fields
  • Modify field properties

  • Creating and Modifying Queries
  • Create and modify Select queries
  • Add calculated fields to Select queries

  • Creating and Modifying Forms
  • Create and display forms
  • Modify form properties

  • Viewing and Organizing Information
  • Enter, edit, and delete records
  • Create queries
  • Sort records
  • Filter records

  • Defining Relationships
  • Create one-to-many relationships
  • Enforce referential integrity

  • Producing Reports
  • Create and format reports
  • Add calculated controls to reports
  • Preview and print reports

  • Integrating with Other Applications
  • Import data to Access
  • Export data from Access
  • Create a simple data access page