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Tax Deduct Your Job Search

No, we are not tax specialists, so please don't send us tax questions unless you want to wind up in trouble with the government. However, we did stumble across this very interesting tax tip that many of you will find helpful. NOTE: This tip applies for our members located in the U.S. If you are one of our international members, you should check with your local tax bureau.

It is a little known fact that expenses from your job hunt are tax deductible. Eligible expenses include travel expenses, long-distance telephone calls, employment agency fees, job-wanted classifieds, resume preparation, and the cost of printing and mailing resumes. If you are relocating and fly to another state or country for interviews, your travel expenses are tax deductible as long as you can prove that the purpose of the trip was for obtaining employment.

There are some conditions that must be met, however. You must be seeking employment in the same field that you are currently employed in which means that if you are switching to the IT field from another field or getting your first job, this will not apply to you.

You should always check with your tax preparer or the IRS to find out specifically what you can legally deduct.