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Certpedia: Terms That Start With Z

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  • ZIFZIF (Zero Insertion Force) - A ZIF Socket is The ZIF socket has a small lever on the side of it which is lifted to release the CPU or allow one to be inserted. Once the CPU is in place, the lever is pushed down and the electrical contacts grip the pins on the CPU clamping it into place. This socket type was invented to prevent damage to the CPU caused by the force required to press the CPU into place. Previous designs also had a risk of bending the pins on the processor when attempting to push it into place.

  • ZIP DriveZIP Drive - Introduced by Iomega in 1994, ZIP drives are internal or external storage devices that used removable ZIP disks to store data. Later versions of ZIP disks could store up to 750mb of data. Internal ZIP drives came with either an IDE or SCSI interface, while external drives came with either a parallel, SCSI, or USB (later years) interface. The external versions were popular due to their portability. The original Zip drive had a data transfer rate of about 1 megabyte/second and a seek time of 28 milliseconds on average, compared to a standard 1.44 MB floppy's 500 kbit/s (62.5 kB/s) transfer rate and several-hundred millisecond average seek time. The ZIP drive's popularity was fleeting as larger capacity options such as CD/DVD burners, flash drives, and other technologies have made them almost obselete.
    Iomega's official site

  • zombie - A computer attached to a network that has had its security compromised and is remotely controlled for another purpose. Usually, zombie computers are used as a launching point for another attack, or the distribution of SPAM.