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About Steve Whitaker

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
Forum Profile: Kidvelvet

Steve is friendly, funny and very knowledgeable, not to mention a fellow Oregonian. He is a great addition to the team and we are very excited about having him on board.

About Me:
I currently work for an Internet banking company called Corillian Corporation as a Systems Administrator in the hosting services department. I have been in the computer industry for 7 years, doing everything from tech support for Windows 95 at a call center, to PC support, to Unix administration and Windows administration.

After working for four years for Costco as a cashier, I realized that my growth potential both financially and psychologically was very limited. So, I decided to quit my job and go back to college, earning a BS degree in Philosophy (yeah, insert your own joke here) from Oregon State University in 1996. While going to school, I dabbled with computers in my spare time, something I have been doing since my sophomore year in high school back in 1982. I found myself troubleshooting my friends computers with their connections to the Internet, and decided after college to try to get a job in the computer industry. After all, this is the most logical progression after getting your degree in Philosophy…computer work. While I was offered a slot in the Ph.D program at University of Oregon, I decided to turn it down, move back to Portland, and work for a call center in Beaverton.

Since then, I have worked for Tektronix as a PC tech, Consonus as a Unix/Windows Systems Engineer, Medicalogic/GE as a Network Engineer, and now with Corillian.

Never even considered what it would have been like to get my Ph.D in Philosophy…I think it was a wise move.

His professional certifications include:
CompTIA Linux+
CSA HP-UX 11.x
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) in Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) in Windows 2000

University Degrees Held:
BS in Philosophy from Oregon State University