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About David Jones

Location: South Wales, UK
Forum Profile: Gorebrush

David caught our eye pretty soon after he joined the site. We were hurting in the Microsoft certification forums, and then he came along and started answering some pretty tough questions and often. Then he offered to do some writing for us, and we were sold!

About Me:
I started with computers at the age of 4 in 1987. I started out with the BBC Micro Computer, and even since those days, I have been drawn into computers. I think my first thoughts as a 4 year old were "Wow, what's this, and what does it do?" - there are even tales of me learning to read with the BBC, because I was so interested!

There began a, what now must be an everlasting love for technology, and computers in general. I got my first PC in 1990, which had DOS 3.3, and Windows 3.1 installed! What day's they were! From then on, I have accumulated over 18 years of practical experience with computers, and have experience of every single Windows platform - but I seem to have some kind of canny ability to just learn new software in seconds, and pick up how it works - and i'm still doing it now.

In 2004 I earned my Degree in Business Information Technology, and also became a Microsoft Certified Professional in December of that year. In 2005, I followed this up with a further two MCP exams, with the dream i've had for a long time of becoming MCSE. I currently work as an ICT Technician for Local Government, supporting schools and education establishments in many aspects of IT.

In the immediate future, I hope to achieve MCSE sometime early in 2006, and then look towards keeping up with Windows Vista, or getting an alternative credential such as an MCDBA. My technical knowledge is broad, and also quite vast with it, so don't be afraid to ask me about anything!

His professional certifications include:
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA): Messaging Windows 2003

University Degrees Held
BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology