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Braindumps and Real Exam Questions

What are braindumps? They are a list of question and answers from an actual certification exam. Anymore, braindumps are everywhere. We would like to offer a little advice on the subject - DO NOT USE THEM! Here are several reasons you should stay away from them.

  1. Braindumps are a violation of the Non Disclosure Agreement that you sign before taking an exam.
  2. Sharing exam questions with others is cheating.
  3. Using braindumps forces Microsoft (and other certification vendors) to make their exams more difficult.
  4. Braindumps allow people that are not qualified to become certified. You may have already worked with these people. Their incompetence costs companies billions of dollars every year and makes life hell for their co-workers.
  5. They devalue certifications and reduce salaries for all of us by making it possible for nearly anybody to get certified.
Real Exam Questions
Criminals have been stealing the actual exam questions from testing centers and then either selling them to web site owners or creating their own "products" which contain all of the questions in the exam pool. Microsoft and CompTIA have cracked down on companies in the U.S. selling actual test questions. CompTIA brought several civil cases and Microsoft successfully had former Cheatsheets owner criminally prosecuted (at the time of this writing he is in prison). This scared all of the other U.S. owners into selling their sites to overseas companies where they believe they cannot be touched by U.S. law.

Obviously, if you buy the real exam questions before taking the exam, you are cheating. Even worse, you are sending your money to criminals located in countries such as China, Pakistan, India, Qatar, etc. So I appeal to whatever sense of morals and ethics you have left to stay away from these people. If you are unsure if a product you are about to buy is illegal, see if the product listed in our Training Directory. If not, then there is a very good chance that it is either illegal or not a quality product. You can also search the database at and see if it is legit or not.

Common Excuses
One of the most frustrating aspects to the whole braindumps discussion is all of the illogical excuses that people use to justify their wrongdoing. Here are some of the common pro-braindump arguments:
  • Using braindumps or real exam questions isn't cheating:
    Mirriam-Webster's Dictionary says that cheating is: "to violate rules dishonestly (as at cards or on an examination)". The FACT of the matter is that the certification vendor determines what is cheating or not. If they say that viewing the real questions before taking their exam is cheating, then it simply is. End of argument.
  • The tests are too hard:
    Let me see if I understand this? You think that you deserve to pass, but you can't because the questions are too hard for you? The flaw in this argument is pretty glaring.
  • The questions don't reflect real-world problems and skills:
    So what! If you don't like the certification, then don't take it. Go find a certification that does reflect real-world topics.
  • The exams are too expensive and I can't afford to take it more than once:
    Well, you better sit down and study your ass off like everybody else. And for the record, $125 for an exam is not that expensive compared to some other professional certifications and licenses. There are also loans available and many employers will pay for your fees. Furthermore, there are discount vouchers available and certification vendors often offer specials such as Microsoft's 2nd Shot Program to help with the costs.
  • I have the necessary knowledge to pass. I only used braindumps as a study tool:
    If you have the necessary knowledge, then you don't need braindumps. It doesn't change the fact that looking at the questions for an exam before you take it IS CHEATING unless the vendor allows it!
  • The braindumps have incorrect answers so it doesn't matter:
    So just because the answers are wrong gives you the right to view the questions before the exam? That allows you to find the right answers to the real questions. Still 100% cheating.
  • I don't have time to study:
    That is your problem and braindumps aren't the solution. If I don't have the time or money to get a degree, should I just get a fake one? Certifications are an investment in both time and money. If you don't have time, you need to make it or wait until you do have time.
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Do Your Part
We have done our part by reporting offenders to Microsoft, not accepting advertising or linking to illegal companies, educating hundreds of thousands of people, etc. Now do your part. Get your certification the old-fashioned way - Earn it! Educate others - Many of them are not aware of the problems with braindumps and real exam questions. Give them a push in the right direction and we all benefit. Look for websites like ours that spend countless hours preparing study materials and other helpful information and visit regularly. It is very likely that these sites will continue to point you in the right direction and provide you with updated information and help.

Good Luck!!!