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University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 and has become the largest private university in the U.S. University of Phoenix offers a unique approach to education, with a multitude of accredited academic programs and locations. University of Phoenix offers a wide array of programs including undergraduate and graduate programs. Over 130 locations!
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  • My experience at UofP was absolutely horrible!
    First off, they were tried to force me to take all my Gen's BEFORE I could even delve into my Computer Classes (that would have been a year and a half without a Computer Course!)
    I thought I would try a few classes to see how it would go. I told my Addmissions guy, that I had no money to spend, he assured me it was all taking care of with grants and financing.
    However before my third class, I get a bill for $1200 to continue. I call Finance, this rude lady tells me I have to remit $1200 or I cannot go anymore. I say, "I cannot Go anymore!"
    She says, "Well then, since you are not completing 60% blah blah, we are SENDING BACK the money that paid for your 2nd class and you will owe us $1300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    So after months of fighting between, finance, admissions, and others, and having all of them from the top to the bottom tell me "TOUGH JERK! It's your problem, not ours!" I ended up having to take out another loan to get that class paid for!

    The sad thing, is the classes weren't bad. BUT THE SALES SCAM behind it, where Nobody "knows" what the other departments are saying and unless you tape your conversations, then you are screwed - haha type of organization makes this a real piece of crap school!

    **It's mystifying why they did it really. They had the money from my student loans, but BECAUSE I TOLD THEM I COULD NOT PAY $1200 out of pocket, they decided to SEND BACK previous paid money to the Mega Bank so that this guy (you know, the one who doesnt have...MONEY!) can pay us!!! It was totally stupid and unnecessary. And they were SOOOO RUUUDDE!
    **Dont be fooled by the nice little admissions guy - he's a salesman!

    (Added: 12-26-2006 User tvance929 )

  • Great one
    (Added: 07-13-2004 User subi )

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