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CareerAcademy offers multimedia CD-ROM and expert video instructions covering both the theory and practical aspects of the latest computer technologies. Class session is presented in full motion audio/video, with step by step demonstrations, hands on labs and testing modules. You can review each subject as needed to reinforce your knowledge and chat with their mentors 24 hours a day.
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  • Reviewed by Alexis Laliberte - MC MCSE
    EN - Career Academy - Certified Ethical Hacker

    Career Academy has teamed up with Mile2 to get this excellent courseware on the market. For those who don't know, Mile2 is one of the leading companies in IT security training. They have very good trainers and it shows in this video series.

    When it comes to CEH, training material is pretty rare. Finding very good material is even harder. Which is why I was really eager to put my hands on this video series. What is even more rare is finding material on the version 4 of the course which was released last october.

    Happily, I was not disappointed with these videos. It's 8 disks are packed with lots of information which trainer Kenneth Mayer (CEH Trainer, CCSI, MCT, CCNP and CCDA) gives generously. His examples and demonstration are engaging and efficient, showing without any doubt that he knows his stuff. I particularly liked the fact that he shares more than what's in the official course, giving good pointers for tools, trends and websites that can help a CEH in his day to day work.

    Another good point for this course is the fact that it comes with a printable study guide. This gives a lot of credibility to this course and makes is as if you were taking the course in an official classroom.

    Finally, I warmly recommend this course to anybody who wishes to study on their own for this exam and also for those who are in need of a good review before sitting and completing it.

    (Added: 03-15-2006 User Prime60minister )

  • Career Academy CCNA Training Review
    By David J. Schultz, CCNA

    I have always looked on canned trainers as interesting, but I was never going to spend the money to find out. After looking at what Career Academy has to offer, I have changed my mind. For one price you get everything you need – a book, the instructor’s lectures on CD-ROMs so you can go back over them, test prep software, email and telephone access to the instructor, and an excellent virtual lab.

    This package includes instructor led videos. I paid for an expensive IT school with an instructor. Recertification is coming up and where is he now? This instruction was better than my really expensive instructor was and I do not have to go at a slower pace with other students in a class when I am ready to move on. I wish that I had purchased this product the first time. The instructor was very interesting and he kept me going. He did not seem canned or like a puppet reading lines and he really knew how to deliver this information to a class and what topics to spend extra time on. He appeared to have a lot of experience in the classroom.

    The book is the Sybex study guide by Todd Lammle, which many people feel is the book to use. This study guide covers both the theory and practical aspects for the new CCNA 640-607 exam.

    The CCNA virtual lab contains three routers and a switch. It includes a realistic of all router and switch functionality that gears to the new CCNA exam. You can practice the routers on your own, follow the structural labs with step by step instructions or even build your own custom labs. It’s designed in conjunction with the Sybex CCNA Study Guide.

    The test prep software that came with the package is good and I believe it provides a quality evaluation of your preparedness for the test. It contains over 400 CCNA questions Note that it did not have a built-in simulator like the real test has. On the other hand, you have the virtual lab and if you can do those you will be fine.

    In all, this is a great product and I will be buying from Career Academy when I go for my CCNP, but I do have a minor issue with it. A couple of times the writing on the white board was difficult to see. Add this to the video compression and it made me have to take a second look on a few occasions. Fortunately, this never happened when key information was being discussed.

    I have and will continue to recommend this product to anyone that is thinking of attending a technical school.

    (Added: 02-22-2003 User jsprague )

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