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CBT Nuggets pick top pop
CBT Nuggets are the finest training materials that you will find for MCSE, MCSD, Cisco, CompTIA and MOUS certifications. These computer based video lectures are just like having the best instructors in your own home. Check out their free demos!
Rating: 3.93

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  • I tried these guys and found that their favorite pasttime, when not writing course material, is to write glowing reviews of themselves on certification websites.

    The reviews above are, frankly, ridiculous and so obviously written by the company itsself that they are painful to read.

    If their publicity mechanisms are so awful, what can the course material be like?

    (Added: 08-27-2006 User Guest )

  • Reviewed by Brian Gibson - MC MCSE
    CBT Nuggets have delivered yet another tremendous training product. Having used CBT Nuggets products previously, I had high expectations for this Exam Pack, and once again they produced a quality training tool.

    In this ISA 2004 Exam-Pack, Jeremy Ciaro not only provides great technical content through these training videos, but also delivers the content in the context of every day scenarios. I particularly like Jeremy’s approach to these videos, where he starts by giving a history and roadmap to Microsoft’s current ISA server, then gives a comparison of alternative products, before finally covering the installation, configuration and maintenance of ISA Server 2004, in just about any scenario you could be thinking about deploying it.
    What is also refreshing is Jeremy’s absolute honesty when describing the Pro’s and Con’s of using Microsoft’s solution is different circumstances.

    I continue to be a huge fan of the CBT Nuggets products. They deliver incredible value for money for a consistently high standard product, delivered by trainers who obviously know their stuff. I would recommend this training product to anyone working with ISA 2004 as well as anyone planning to sit the ISA 2004 MCP.

    (Added: 02-22-2006 User foxynox )

  • Reviewed by Alexis Laliberte - MC MCSE
    I was really eager to evaluate this beautiful Linux material from cbt nuggets as there aren't a lot of studying material for the Linux+ certification on the market. While installing the CBT wasn't as easy as they used to be (they are now using digital rights management), the content was very exciting!

    First of all, let me tell you a word about the trainer: Perry Fizzano. This gentleman really knows his stuff! While some may find he speaks really fast, the feeling of being bombarded by useful tips and tricks is always appreciated when cramming for an exam: it makes you feel you receive what you paid for.

    Perry will take you on a trip through the linux operating system. The first part of this combo package really focuses on the Linux+ certification. It gives you a good start and a basic foundation of the Linux operating system. I found the examples easy to understand and the demonstrations filled with day to day tricks that helped me in my job.

    The second part of the combo package focuses on the Red Hat Certified Engineer certification. This part has walked me through a deep trek into the operating system. There was a lot of time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting which I found very useful. This also demonstrated that the author has genuine Linux experience (which is not always the case with trainers).

    I found that this CBT Nugget was really built as a quick way to learn detailed information as well as a very good reference for any professional working with Linux.

    (Added: 10-10-2004 User Prime60minister )

  • Reviewed by Brian Gibson - MC MCSE
    In recent weeks, I have had the opportunity to review the CBT Nuggets CCNA package. The product consists of 4 CDs containing a number of training videos on each, covering all the CCNA objectives.

    The training style of the nuggets is unlike the normal methods of classroom training or reading from a book, but rather an excellent combination of the two. This method removes the monotony of the text book and the inconvenience of the classroom. Each video presents new theories and concepts, followed by actual examples and working of the theory on actual routers, switches and PCs.

    Emilio Valdez is an excellent tutor with his expert knowledge of both Cisco products and the CCNA, combined with a simplistic teaching style and well interjected with humour.

    These nuggets are well suited to both the student with little or no Cisco knowledge, through to the experienced engineer looking to complete the CCNA. Each theory is taught not only to examination level, but beyond that, to complete understanding in a real world scenario.

    In my opinion, this is definitely the best CCNA prep software available. I will most definitely be using Emilio\'s CCNP nuggets in the next step of my Cisco certification path.

    (Added: 01-05-2004 User jsprague )

  • Reviewed by Jason Sprague - MC MCSE
    We recently had the opportunity to review the Windows 2000 MCSE Package by CBT Nuggets. What an incredible product this is! It is by far the best training product that we have seen yet for Windows 2000 and is a fantastic value. CBT Nuggets are video lectures by Dan Charbonneau that are shipped on CD-ROM and viewed with Windows Media Player. The videos are in classroom format and are comprised of live footage of the demonstrations with an audio lecture.

    Dan explains the subjects so clearly that it is virtually impossible to not understand the topics covered. You have the ability to follow along with the demonstrations and develop hands on experience that make this much more than a certification prep product - This product teaches you the material. The CBT Nuggets are a must for beginners and very helpful for experts who wish to brush up on their skills.

    The exam-packs can be purchased individually, however, it is much more cost effective to buy the entire Windows 2000 Package. The Windows 2000 MCSE Package contains 7 CD-ROMs covering 7 exams as follows:

    70-210 Windows 2000 Professional
    70-215 Windows 2000 Server
    70-216 Implementing Networking Services
    70-217 Implementing Directory Services
    70-219 Designing Directory Services
    70-220 Designing Security
    70-221 Designing Networking Services

    This type of training can easily cost as much as $10,000 from a trainer or several thousand from other CBT manufacturers whose products are typically inferior. The Windows 2000 MCSE Package only costs $349 and contains enough information to achieve your MCSE.

    (Added: 09-18-2002 User jsprague )

  • Reviewed by Jason Sprague - MC MCSE
    CBT Nuggets has done it again with the release of their Cisco CCNA Certification Package!

    Author Emilio Valdez offers 20 hours of classroom style training in video format on 4 CDs that will prepare you for your CCNA and for the real world. With the possible exception of practice test software, this product is all that you need to pass the exam. You won’t even need to buy a book.

    Classroom training is very expensive and inconvenient and that is where CBT Nuggets provide a solution that no instructor led training program can compete with. Consider these advantages:

    1. Your training can be completed at a time and place that is convenient for you and at the pace that you desire.

    2. You can stop, pause, fast-forward and rewind your instructor. You can take the class as many times as you like at no additional charge.

    3. CBT Nuggets are a fraction of the cost.

    4. You can take your instructor with you. Because the videos are divided up into smaller sections based on subject, it is easy to go back and reference a particular topic.
    The exam objectives are covered clearly and completely, but do not mistake this product for one that will only prepare you for an exam – This product will teach you the material. The author understands the subject matter in a way that many of us only dream about and he is equally talented in conveying what he knows in a manner that anyone can understand. The videos not only explain the concepts, but they will show you how to configure a network from the CLI.

    You do not just have to take our word for it, you can check out their free demo videos at their web site and you will see what all of the fuss is about.

    (Added: 07-31-2002 User jsprague )

  • This stuff is the best bang for the buck, I have A+ and Net+ on CDROM, great presentation, very comprehesive, detailed and still easy to understand. Its like you sitting in the classroom!!
    (Added: 04-29-2002 User Guest )

  • I paid thousands of dollars for classroom, instructor led training when preparing to take the NT 4.0 MCSE. The MCSE 2000 CBTNugget training is excellent and thorough training. It is instructor led training, that you can watch (and re-watch) at your convenience, and it literally would be cheap at twice the price.

    A Satisfied (and Certified) customer.
    MCSE NT4 & 2K, MCT, Network+

    (Added: 04-15-2002 User jbrucjn )

  • CBT Nuggets are an excellent study resource and worth every penny..
    (Added: 08-06-2001 User Guest )

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