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New! Transcender e-Learning courses
Certification Newsletter
151st Edition :: January 15th, 2007

Over 42,165 Subscribers
In This Issue:
:: What's New @ MC MCSE
:: Certiport and Microsoft Creating New Certs
:: Article: Which Certification?
:: Training Directory Update
:: At The Forums

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New! Transcender e-Learning courses

:: What's New @ MC MCSE ::

New Forum:
With the release of Windows Vista, we have added a new Vista forum to the site. Our forums can be accessed here.

New BSCI Tutorial:
We have added a new tutorial for Cisco's BSCI exam titled, Clear Text OSPF Neighbor Authentication.

New Glossary Entries:
We have added 8 new terms to our Glossary putting us at a respectable collection of 275 terms. The new additions were Circuit Switching, DLL, Domain, Domain Controller, MBR, Packet Switching, Windows Domain, Workgroup. Feel free to suggest any terms that you would like added.

:: Certiport and Microsoft Creating New Certs ::

Certiport announced it has been selected as the launch partner by Microsoft Learning to develop and deliver a new global certification program for business professionals worldwide that focuses on validating business-critical skills. The new Microsoft business certification program for the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista operating systems will feature Web-based pretests, application-specific certification exams and a series of professional certifications that demonstrate expertise in accomplishing essential job tasks across multiple applications.

To read the full press release, click here.

:: Article: Which Certification? ::

One of the most common questions we get in our forums is, "Which certification should I take next?". Almost as common are posts such as, "MCSE or CCNA?". In this article, I am going to show you why these questions are inherently flawed and how a person can best decide for themselves which certifications are right for them.

Most of my point in this article will be demonstrated with the graphics below, but I want to establish a couple of important concepts:
  • Certifications are tied to experience levels. Some certifications are for beginners, some are for experts. Understanding where you fit into that spectrum will help you determine which certifications are appropriate for you.
  • Certifications are tied to specific job roles. When people ask if they should obtain their MCSE or CCNA, they do not realize that what they are really asking is, "Should I be a systems administrator or a network engineer?". Obviously, the person posing the question is the only one that can answer that, making the question inherently flawed and unanswerable.
Now that we have established those basic points, let's look at some of the certification paths and who they might apply to. We'll start with "Certifications for Everyone".

Read the full article here.

:: Training Directory Update ::

Below are the latest member reviews submitted to our Training Directory.

No reviews submitted...

Please review the books and products you have used in our training directory. It only takes a couple minutes of your time and greatly helps others.

:: At the Boards ::

Our forums currently have 94,529 members and 65,814 posts. Here are some of the most popular posts since our last newsletter.

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