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Certification Newsletter
134th Edition :: January 17th, 2006

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In This Issue:
:: What's New @ MC MCSE
:: Cisco Rich Media Specialization
:: Training Directory Product Reviews
:: At the Boards
:: Totally Useless Links

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:: What's New @ MC MCSE ::

My apologies for this newsletter being so Cisco-centric, but there just isn't a lot of news to report from the other vendors at the moment. Stay tuned and I am sure our next issue will have information more relevant to you and your studies.

New Moderator:
I am a little late getting to this, but I wanted to let everyone know that we have a new moderator. EnGarde has really been helpful in answering posts over the last few months and he is now moderating the Client Exams and Windows 2000/XP/2003 forums.

New CCNP Tutorials:
We have added 4 new CCNP tutorials as follows:

OSPF E2 Routes vs. E1 Routes
Troubleshooting and Debugging ISDN
Setup Mode
The Joy of Hex

New CCNP Reference Pages
We have added new reference pages for 2 of the CCNP exams as follows:

BCRAN (642-821) - Building Cisco Remote Access Networks
CIT (842-831) - Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting

:: Cisco Rich Media Specialization ::

Cisco has announced the release of a new specialist certification titled, "Rich Media Communications Specialist". This certification covers the ability to plan, install, and manage rich media communications in an IP network. You must pass 2 exams and have a valid CCNA as a prerequisite.

Click here for more information.

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CBT Nuggets offers quality and affordable certification training videos for a wide variety of certifications including Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, CWNA, LPI, Citrix and other certifications. For more information and sample videos click here.

:: Training Directory Product Reviews::

Here are the products that have been recently reviewed in our Training Directory. We would really appreciate it if you would help your fellow members out by reviewing the books and products that you have used.

Network+ Study Guide, 4th Edition - Sybex
Reviewed by Raied
This book was all I used to pass the N10-003 exam. I did enjoy the reading. I would have liked to see more material on wireless networks. That said, it did provide the material needed on wireless networks to pass the exam. Four stars for this book.

Upgrading and Repairing PCs - Que
Reviewed by Marathonman
I really liked this book. Scott will take your understanding of hardware to whatever level you want--from enough knowledge to pass the A+ hardware test to understanding advanced hardware problems. The author does one of the best jobs I have ever seen at writing a technical book without making someone feel like they are out of their depth or wasting their time on something that is just too easy. I could send this book to my little old mother so that she could build her next computer.

This book was not written with the Comptia A+ Hardware objectives in mind, but it will build an understanding for the subject that is rare, if not impossible, to find in the industry today. This book does an outstanding job of bringing a new tech up to speed including a remarkable explanation of the history of computers often missing (to the detriment of any technician) in other titles. It includes 3 very good hours of video that comes on a DVD with other reference materials, the past editions of this book in .pdf format, and access to the members only part of Que’s web site where you can read current and up-to-date articles covering Operating Systems, Consumer Electronics Productivity Applications, Upgrading and Repairing PCs, and more.

If you are working to get into the IT world and want to pass A+ hardware, you just dabble with computers, or you are a full blown network admin, this is a book you will be packing everywhere you go as “The Hardware Reference Manual.” At 1600 pages, packing is the right word for it. But if you are anything like me, you will enjoy each and every page.

:: At the Boards ::

Our forums currently have 65,830 members and 49,269 posts. Here are some of the most popular posts since our last newsletter.

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Time period to Complete MCSE 2003 19 339 January 4, 2006
It is worth taking classes for MCSE? 7 133 January 4, 2006
Another Exchange 2k3 question. 13 175 January 4, 2006
Compmgmt.msc & Perfmon.msc Remote monitoring 12 241 January 2, 2006

The following posts still need help. Be the first to answer.
Topic Title Replies Views Start Date
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:: Totally Useless Links ::

Here is your latest dose of truely useless links. If you know of any worthless links, feel free to post them here.

Automatic Flatterer - Need a compliment?
Boneless Girl - This is beyond strange.
World's Smallest Political Quiz - Not actually worthless.
Optical Illusions - Interesting, but worthless.
Watermelon Special Fruitcarving - These are amazing and very bizarre.

Good luck on your studies!